Tonga – M 5.2 – Moderate earthquake in the coastal waters of Tonga

Earthquake Report comment :
The Tonga archipelago has a subscription on earthquakes.  Earthquakes like this one occur almost weekly in the vicinity of the islands.

The Kingdom of Tonga is an archipelago in the South Pacific Ocean and comprises 169 islands, 36 of them inhabited. The Kingdom stretches over a distance of about 800 kilometres (500 miles) in a north-south line. The islands that constitute the archipelago lie south of Samoa, about one-third of the way from New Zealand to Hawaii.  Tonga also became known as the Friendly Islands because of the friendly reception accorded to Captain James Cook on his first visit there in 1773. (Source : Wikipedia)

Most important Earthquake Data:
Tuesday, August 10, 2010 at 09:25:52 AM at epicenter
Depth (Hypocenter) : 27 km
Geo-location(s) :
55 km (35 miles) ENE of NUKU`ALOFA, Tonga

Links to important maps
USGS Did You Feel It Map
Google satellite map of the area showing the kind of terrain the earthquake took place
USGS historic earthquakes map

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Minor Earthquakes list August 4, 2010

Minor earthquakes are earthquakes less than Magnitude 5.0 OR earthquakes with an hypocenter (depth) of more than 100 km OR earthquakes up to M 5.9 with an epicenter far away from populated areas.
The reference for the time zone is UTC (Coordinated Universal Time).
More important earthquakes are described in detail in this blog

M 5.3      2010/08/04 04:24:37 Depth 177.3 km JUJUY, ARGENTINA (to deep to be dangerous)

M 5.9      2010/08/04 04:46:22 Depth 23.9 km SOUTH OF THE FIJI ISLANDS (no people living in the greater area around the epicenter)

M 5.3      2010/08/04 10:07:01 Depth 34.9 km TONGA (at least 100 km out in the South Pacific Ocean)

M 4.4 2010/08/04 14:40:49 Depth 80 km TONGA

M 5.1 2010-08-04 14:27:40 Depth 80 km SUMBAWA REGION, INDONESIA

Fiji / Tonga – M 5.1 – Earthquake in the Pacific at a safe distance from the closest islands

Earthquake Report comment :
Very active seismic area.
As this earthquake occurred at a depth of 96 km, the impact on buildings, humans will be limited.
USGS calculated models are mentioning light to moderate shaking at maximum.

Most important Earthquake Data:
Saturday, July 31, 2010 at 06:19:33 AM at epicenter
Depth (Hypocenter) : 89 km
Geolocation(s) :
135 km (85 miles) W of NUKU`ALOFA, Tonga
235 km (145 miles) ESE of Ndoi Island, Fiji
385 km (240 miles) SW of Neiafu, Tonga

Links to important maps
USGS Did You Feel It Map

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