In memory of the victims of September 8, 19XX – Italy, Iran and Papua New Guinea

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M 7.9    08-09-1905    Italy    Depth 0 km – killing 557 to 2500 people
Google satellite map of the earthquake area

Striking southern Italy on September 8, the 1905 Calabria earthquake killed between 557 and 5,000 people  and damaged at least 14,000 houses in the epicentral area alone. The first major earthquake of the 20th century, it damaged parts of Lipari Island and Messina Province. The earthquake affected the Calabria region, destroying as many as 25 villages and killing over 5,000. Alternatively, United States Geological Survey lists the fatality count at 557 people

M 5.2    08-09-1992    Iran    Depth 26.8 km – killing 1 person
Google satellite map of the earthquake area

One person killed and 11 injured in the Firuzabad area. Also 200 houses and 3 bridges were destroyed and landslides blocked roads in the epicentral area. Damage reported at Bonu, Darenjan, Giah Zar and Meygoli. Felt at Kazerun and Shiraz.

M 7.6    08-09-2002    Papua New Guinea     Depth 13 km – killing 4 people
Google satellite map of the earthquake area

Four people killed and at least 70 injured on Kairiru and Muschu Islands and in the Wewak area. At least 500 dwellings destroyed and 200 damaged, water tanks, pipelines and a bridge damaged on the islands and in the Maprik-Suain-Wewak area. A local tsunami with an estimated maximum wave height of 1.5 meters damaged some buildings in the area.
Landslides occurred and new hot springs appeared on Kairiru Island. Muschu and Kairiru Islands uplifted approximately one half meter. Felt (III) at Jayapura, Indonesia.

Some text : Wikipedia and USGS

“In memory of” is highlighting deadly earthquakes of the past.
People have forgotten a lot of these human tragedies.
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