In memory of the victims of August 24, 19XX – Taiwan and Peru

Provinces of the Ica region in Peru (Map)

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M 6.8  24-08-1927   Depth 35 km   Taiwan – killing 11 people

At the time of the earthquake Taiwan was known as Formosa, a province of China. Huge damage and 11 people killied when a powerful
earthquake with a Magnitude of 6.8 struck the city of Tainan.

M 8.2  24-08-1942   Depth 35 km   Peru – killing 30 people

At 17:51 hours an earthquake struck the boundary area of the departments of Ica and Arequipa, situated between the 14° and 16°S parallels. Intensity IX MM (Modified Mercalli scale), felt in an area of some 18,000 km2, where great destruction occurred. Thirty people were killed by the collapse of dwelling houses and 25 were injured for various reasons.
It was felt with an intensity of III-IV on the same scale in an elliptical area of 408,000 km2 which took in the city of Huaraz on the north, Cerro de Pasco and Oxapampa on the NE, Cuzco on the east, and Moquegua on the south.

The effects on structures were noteworthy in the epicentral area. It is estimated that 30% of the buildings in the city of Nazca suffered total ruin. The neighboring towns of Acarí and Jacquí were reduced to rubble. The damage extended to the towns of Quicacha and Atiquipa, and was pronounced at Palpa. In the city of Caravelí only buildings of recent construction withstood the shock. The heavy cupola of the Church of the Lord of Luren, in Ica, collapsed, various slight damage was reported in the houses of that city, as in those of Pisco and Chinchas.

The Cordilleran towns of Coracora, Huancapi, and others suffered some damage. In the port of Chala the shaking reached such violence that several people were thrown to the ground when they lost their footing; a witness tells: “The houses rocked like a boat tossed by a storm.” The Hotel de Turistas in this place suffered crackings of its walls. Father to the SE the tower of the Cathedral in Arequipa leaned somewhat after the strong shaking. . According to the majority of the people, the shocked lasted more than a minute.

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