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Christchurch Earthquake

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Earthquake Report is bringing you the “best positive news”  which we have found in the local press after the M 7.1 earthquake.
We enjoy the positive spirit of the New Zealanders to solve their problems the fastest possible way.
Earthquake Report is repeating his plea to the international community to create an earthquake fund under the wings of the United Nations to help people and governments in need of cheap money after such a drama.

What annoys us the most is that those who behave good like the people of Chile and New Zealand by as an example enforcing strong building standards and preparing their people for the worst,  are left alone to solve their problems. They induced extraordinary costs also and will receive almost no international aid.

One thousand Cantabrians offered break from earthquake

One thousand Cantabrians have been offered a westbound train ride to take a break from the earthquake-hit region.  Families who have suffered a genuine hardship or loss could receive a return trip by TranzAlpine to Greymouth for up to two nights and stay in a motel or hotel in Greymouth or Hokitika.  Read more

Working every daylight hour to restore water

Council utilities manager Gary Boot said around 60 workers from council, other local authorities and contractors had worked from dawn until dusk over the past nine days to restore water supplies. Read more

A man  credits his “heroic” wife and neighbors for saving his life.

Mr Robinson said he was “incredibly grateful” to his “heroic” wife Debbie and neighbors who got together a team of people with a stretcher, managed to free him from the rubble and get him to hospital within an hour. Read More.

Airport Traffic Steady Despite Quake

Airline passenger movements at Christchurch International Airport remained steady in the days following the earthquake apart from a significant dip on the day of the quake. Read More.

Trauma counsellors are being flown into Christchurch to help earthquake victims.

Salvation Army Major Wendy Barney, co-ordinator of the emergency-response counselling team, said counsellors had already spoken to more than 100 traumatised earthquake victims in Christchurch. “Something massive has happened in their lives and we are trying to help them understand and cope with that,” Barney said.  Read more

Residents farewell 133-year-old pub

The Valley Inn Tavern, an 133-year-old building was demolished as about 100 residents gathered to say goodbye, some raising a final drink to the much-loved pub. Read more

Baby born as quake strikes

Barnard delivered baby Dianthe Rose at Christchurch Women’s Hospital just as the jolt hit at 4.35am last Saturday. Read more

Repairs begin at St Mary’s church in Timaru

St Mary’s church in Timaru is likely to be closed again this weekend as work to repair earthquake damage begins. Read more

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