Deadly earthquakes of October 28, 19XX – Idaho, USA

M 6.9 28-10-1983       EASTERN IDAHO, United States     Depth 16 km – killing 2 people
Borah Peak earthquake
Two people killed, two injured, and considerable damage at Challis. One person injured and extensive damage at Mackay. Maximum intensity VII in the Challis-Mackay area. Total damage from the earthquake estimated at 15 million dollars.  System of fault      scarps extending for more than 35 kilometers with vertical displacement up to 2.7 meters observed between Mackay and Challis.  Landslides, rockfalls and groundwater changes occurred throughout the region, including changes to geyser activity in Yellowstone National Park.  The earthquake was felt in Idaho, Washington, Montana, Oregon, Nevada, Wyoming, Utah, and parts of Canada.
Google satellite map of the earthquake area


Challis 1983 earthquake

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