Earthquakes list September 15, 2010

M 4.2    2010-09-15   19:57     Depth 14 km    CENTRAL IRAN
Weak shallow earthquake near Abadi ye Pa Godaru

M 5.0      2010/09/15 18:42    Depth 89.7 km MINDANAO, PHILIPPINES
This rather deep earthquake is not dangerous. Epicenter at the entrance of the Davao Gulf  at a distance of approx. 100 km from General Santos

M 5.0      2010/09/15 16:06    Depth 100.0 km     SOUTHERN ALASKA
Deep harmless earthquake in a wilderness area in Lake Clark Park and Wilderness.

M 4.5      2010/09/15 14:31    Depth 10.5 km      NEAR THE WEST COAST OF COLOMBIA
15 km from Arusi peninsula and close to the Ensenada de Utria National Park.  Not dangerous.

M 4.7      2010/09/15 13:48    Depth 563.9 km     FIJI REGION
Another deep  seaquake 5 seconds after the former listed quake and with an epicenter almost on the same spot.

M 4.7      2010/09/15 13:43    Depth 584.8 km      FIJI REGION
Deep seaquake with a distant Ono-i-Lau volcanic and Coral island as the closest populated part of Fiji.

M 4.6      2010/09/15 13:03    Depth 27.5 km      UNIMAK ISLAND REGION, ALASKA
Epicenter on the subduction slopes of the Aleutian trench, in a area where a lot of earthquakes occurred the last few weeks.

M 4.9      2010/09/15 12:29    Depth 45.4 km      OFFSHORE NAYARIT, MEXICO
Aftershock from yesterday’s powerful M 5.9 earthquake. Epicenter almost on the same spot as yesterday and about 15 km to the south of the unpopulated Isla Maria Cleafas.

M 4.9      2010/09/15 12:10    Depth 9.9 km      SOUTHEAST INDIAN RIDGE

Moderate seaquake but also a beautiful example of a transform fault. The stress lines from the plates can be seen very well on the satellite picture

M 4.2      2010/09/15 08:21    Depth 10.0 km GULF OF CALIFORNIA
Third shock 8 seconds after the M 4.4 shock, in the middle of the peninsula

M 4.4      2010/09/15 08:13    Depth 10.0 km
Second shock only 2 minutes later, but under the peninsula

M 4.4      2010/09/15 06:46    Depth 10.0 km      GULF OF CALIFORNIA
Light earthquake in the coastal waters of the Baja California peninsula. The whole area is very active the last couple of days.

M 4.7      2010/09/15 06:09    Depth 0.4 km     BAJA CALIFORNIA, MEXICO
Please also read the detailed page of this earthquake – Click here

M 5.1      2010/09/15 06:05    Depth 96.1 km     CHIAPAS, MEXICO

Moderate but fairly deep and harmless earthquake near San Juan Custepeque , Chiapas Mexico

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