Christchurch earthquake : internationally forgottten, but still shaking constantly

Although the current aftershocks are not mentioned anymore in the USGS and EMSC charts, the inhabitants of Christchurch are still living under the constant threat of a major aftershock and are experiencing many moderate earthquakes every couple of hours.
People who want to see the strength of the quakes can consult them here.
An even more better view can be seen in our dynamic seismograph mapping by the GNS Science, the New Zealand Authority who is following carefully all tectonic activity.
The Magnitude aspect can reveal how powerful an earthquake is, but every earthquake will be felt differently.
The duration of the shaking and a number of additional factors are as important as the Magnitude. The map hereunder is showing very well that 2 aftershocks are lasting a lot longer than all others.
The most powerful aftershocks are mostly located in the Darfield area.

Seismograph cutout of aftershocks on September 12

2 Powerful Magnitude 5.2 and 5.4 aftershocks hit the Christchurch area

The aftershocks have just been reported by GNS Science and occurred at 11:24 PM and 11:40 PM (local time) on September 6.
The epicenter for both was 20 km south-east of Darfield, the same area that the main quake was recorded.
The depth of the hypocenter was recorded at 9 km.
As these events just happened, we don’t know whether this has created additional damage on unstable buildings.
We will add this news on this page when it becomes available.

UPDATE 3:24 AM (local time) : another 5.4 magnitude with a depth of 15 km, 20 km south-east of Darfield

Seismograph of this event :

2 Aftershocks M 5.2 and M 5.4 Christchurch September 6, 2010

Location map of the epicenter and Darfield surroundings - Click on the picture for the google satellite map

Check our LIVE AFTERSHOCKS PAGE for more information.

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