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    Earthquake Report is looking for volunteer Seismologists and amateur Earthquake Watchers. Like to join, e-mail us.

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Please click on the appropriate link for the live seismograph of your choice.


* Japan (Matsushiro – Honshu)
* Russia (Sakhalinsk)
* Kazakstan (Makanchi)
* Mariana Islands (Guam)
* Philippines (Davao)
* China (Enshi)


* Dominican Republic
* Antigua and Barbuda


* Turkey (Ankara)
* Kazakstan

North America

* Mexico (Yucatan)
* United States, Oregon (Corvallis)


* New Zealand (South Island)
* New Zealand (North Island)
* Papua New Guinea (Port Moresby)
* Samoa (Afiamahu)

South America

* Ecuador (Otavalo)
* Chile (Limon Verde – Northern Chile)


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