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Image via Wikipedia is happy to share other great blogs and websites with it’s readers.
We are convinced that all the links hereunder are ‘Value Added’ links. The blogs and websites have been proven to be updated frequently and to bring great news and insight in subjects almost nobody else reports. They are all specialized in specific topics. will regularly focus on one of these articles in his own blog. Enjoy !


Eruptions by Erik Klemetti
Erik Klemetti is fascinated by volcanoes, their eruptions and how those eruptions interact with the people who live around the volcanoes. He started his blog after getting frustrated with the news reports of volcanic eruptions. Most of them get the information wrong and/or are just sensationalistic.

Natural Hazards by Kurtis Garbutt
Kurtis Garbutt is a postgraduate researcher in the newly formed Institute of Hazard, Risk and Resilience (IHRR), within the Department of Geography at Durham University. His research was based upon using the news media to track natural hazards. He spent 18 months reading and cataloguing all kinds of news media articles and researching global news media patterns and trends.

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