A little bit of information from the creator

Earthquake Report has been created by Armand Vervaeck (Belgium).
Earthquake Report has only 1 goal :  reporting about earthquakes the best possible way.
Earthquake Report tries to bridge the gap in between science and basic understanding.
News in this site will not only appear very quickly, but we always try to bring Added Value news you wont find anywhere else.

Those looking only for scientific facts should use the USGS, EMSC and other governmental organizations.

Earthquake Report focuses on the Impact of Earthquakes on people. We will search for unique news, even in the most remote places on Earth. Victims of an Earthquake in the jungle of Papua New Guinea merit the same attention as those people living in Port au Prince or Conception.

Earthquake Report support QuakeSOS, the earthquake emergency iPhone Application.

SOS Earthquakes

Earthquake-Report.com is the information part of SOS Earthquakes, a non-profit organization specializing in earthquakes with 4 important goals :
– bringing the best possible earthquake information
– providing free or cheap technology tools for mass media (QuakeSOS iPhone application)
– providing Quick and Structural aid to earthquake victims, all over the world
– working on earthquake preparedness and prevention
SOS Earthquakes has been founded in August 2010.
A separate website for SOS Earthquakes will be online soon

SOS Earthquakes and Earthquake-Report.com are private initiatives to make the world a little better.
We welcome every single donated dollar as a lifeline that strengthens our intiative.
We welcome also the support of STRATEGIC PARTNERS who will enable us to reach as much as people as possible.
Strategic partners can be individual persons or companies who want to make the world less traumatic, just like we do.
We can be reached at the following address :

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