Serbia, Kraljevo : race against the time to repair houses +volunteers needed

Race against the clock as winter is coming soon.

Damage in Kraljevo, Serbia - Picture courtesy EMSC

Excerpt from Serbias newssite B92
Many Kraljevo residents work to repair their homes even during the night, fearing heavy rainfall, while aftershocks (although weaker and weaker) are continuing to strike the greater Kraljevo area.
The 5.6-magnitude quake hit the town early on November 3, killing two people and leaving thousands of homes either damaged or destroyed.

A commission is currently working to determine which damaged structures have been rendered uninhabitable, but the number will ber  likely approx. 1,000.

Thus far, 13,000 buildings have been reported as unsafe, and the commission has appealed on skilled staff, including engineers, to join them in order to complete the job as soon as possible.
Help is arriving to Kraljevo, but the town needs more volunteers and trucks to transport building material.
Some of the families will likely have to be housed in prefab homes, said reports.
We encourage our readers to read the full article in B92 website



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