Indonesia tsunami – French, New Zealand and American tourists still missing

Tourists surfing the waves in North Pagai

A number of foreign people were reported still missing. They are citizens of three countries, namely France, New Zealand and the United States.

Roxane Couty, a French citizen, send electronic mail to Indonesia that she had no news from Yannick Couty  since the tsunami struck the Mentawai Islands on Monday, October 25.
She suspected that Yannick was on the Mentawai islands with his friend, Axele Madelaine.
Yannick and Axele, said Roxane, were in the Mentawai Islands since October 14.
They spend a 3 week vacation on an island of the Mentawai archipelago.
Roxane fears that her brother must have been on the islands when the tsunami struck.

A transportation company who links Padang (mainland Sumatra) with Mentawai, received a call from a New Zealand mother, Mrs. Joanie Irissari, that she was searching her son Ryan, who was on a vacation with two friends to the Mentawai since 25 October.
Mrs. Irissari  had a last contact with her son on Oct. 25.  At that time, Ryan said that he was going from Sibolga to Mentawai. “But after that no news,” said Aim.

The latest report came from the United States Embassy in Indonesia.
The Embassy reported that an American citizen named Arick Salvador allegedly disappeared after departing from Java to the Mentawai on 14 October. hope that they will be safe and well.

Source : Indonesian Vivanews

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