Earthquakes list October 29, 2010

M 4.4      2010/10/29 23:22    Depth 30,0 km     NORTH ISLAND, NEW ZEALAND
October 30,2010 at 12:22 PM at epicenter
Epicenter 10 km north of Te Karaka, 40 km north-west of Gisborne

M 4.5      2010/10/29 18:10    Depth 11 km     SOUTHERN  SUMATRA, INDONESIA
October 30, 2010 at 01:10 AM at epicenter
Aftershock but a little more to the southeast than the M 7.7 main shock. Less than 100 km from Bengkulu.
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M 5.0      2010/10/29 18:05    Depth 32.2 km     SOUTHWEST OF SUMATRA, INDONESIA
October 30, 2010 at 01:05:28 AM at epicenter
Aftershock with epicenter in the same area and depth than the main shock
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M 5.2      2010/10/29 16:30     Depth 57.8 km      VOLCANO ISLANDS, JAPAN REGION
October 30, 2010 at 02:30:27 AM at epicenter
Far away from populated islands

M 5.0      2010/10/29 14:11    Depth 35.1 km     OFFSHORE LA SERENA, CHILE
11:11:53 AM at epicenter
In the coastal waters of La Higuera (less than 20 km). Closest bigger town : La Serena
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M 4.6      2010/10/29 12:14    Depth 55.8 km     PHILIPPINE ISLANDS REGION
08:14:24 PM (20:14) at epicenter
A very active seismic area the last couple of weeks. So far always moderate to weak earthquakes near the subduction slopes and right on the fault line.
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M 5.2      2010/10/29 06:19    Depth 77.6 km     HALMAHERA, INDONESIA
03:19:21 PM (15:19) at epicenter
An active stress area with multiple quakes the last few weeks and even months. 25 km from Pulau Morotai, an island with approx. 54,876 islanders.
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M 5.0      2010/10/29 06:13    Depth 121.3 km     SANTA CRUZ ISLANDS
05:13:33 PM at epicenter
Epicenter about 25 km from Utupua island.
Utupua Island is an island in the Santa Cruz Islands, located 66 km to the Southeast of the main Santa Cruz group, between Vanikoro and Santa Cruz proper. This island belongs administratively to the Temotu Province of the Solomon Islands. Utupua is a high island surrounded by a coral reef. Its land surface is 69.0 km² and its highest point 380 m. Utupua has a population of 848 inhabitants  scattered in small villages. The main villages in the island are: Avita, Malombo, Tanimbili, Apakho and Nembao. (source wikipedia)
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M 5.2      2010/10/29 02:25    Depth 10.0 km     SOUTH INDIAN OCEAN
06:25:02 AM at epicenter
Very far away from the nearest islands
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Earthquakes occurred yesterday (UTC time), but today local time

M 5.0      2010/10/28 17:25    Depth 92.2 km     KERMADEC ISLANDS, NEW ZEALAND
October 29, 2010 at 05:25:11 AM at epicenter
Epicenter at 35 km (22 miles) E (90°) from Raoul Island, Kermadec Islands. On the exception of the manned Raoul station, all other islands are uninhabited.

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Indonesia tsunami – French, New Zealand and American tourists still missing

Tourists surfing the waves in North Pagai

A number of foreign people were reported still missing. They are citizens of three countries, namely France, New Zealand and the United States.

Roxane Couty, a French citizen, send electronic mail to Indonesia that she had no news from Yannick Couty  since the tsunami struck the Mentawai Islands on Monday, October 25.
She suspected that Yannick was on the Mentawai islands with his friend, Axele Madelaine.
Yannick and Axele, said Roxane, were in the Mentawai Islands since October 14.
They spend a 3 week vacation on an island of the Mentawai archipelago.
Roxane fears that her brother must have been on the islands when the tsunami struck.

A transportation company who links Padang (mainland Sumatra) with Mentawai, received a call from a New Zealand mother, Mrs. Joanie Irissari, that she was searching her son Ryan, who was on a vacation with two friends to the Mentawai since 25 October.
Mrs. Irissari  had a last contact with her son on Oct. 25.  At that time, Ryan said that he was going from Sibolga to Mentawai. “But after that no news,” said Aim.

The latest report came from the United States Embassy in Indonesia.
The Embassy reported that an American citizen named Arick Salvador allegedly disappeared after departing from Java to the Mentawai on 14 October. hope that they will be safe and well.

Source : Indonesian Vivanews

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Indonesia tsunami – QuakeSOS Free iPhone app ranks top 3 in Indonesia

The QUAKESOS iPhone application ranked top 3 in Indonesia.
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We have build this application in the aftermath of the Haiti earthquake and based on the press comments that many people were traumatized not to hear anything from their friends and loved ones.
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Indonesia tsunami – Baby survives by miracle (video). Mother, father and 4 brothers killed

A major dramatic event, almost always bring a miracle or miracles.
When the tsunami struck, killing hundreds of people, a one-month-old baby was found safe in the middle of the road.

The tiny baby survived the devastating tsunami which hit Muntei Hamlet, South Pagai, Mentawai Islands .
His father, Jekonia (33 years) and his mother Pure (30) along with four brothers were killed by the deadly Tsunami.

The baby was found by residents in the middle of the road.
The baby is now treated at the hospital of Sikakap. One can see Visible scars on the forehead and the face of the baby boy who has not been given a name yet.

Click on the link to view the video

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Indonesia : Merapi volcano eruption – latest news

UPDATE 29/10 – 09:30 UTC
Video footage of Australia’s TenNews of the funeral for the killed people

A. lesto P. Kusumo, Source: my documntation, M...

Image via Wikipedia

UPDATE 29/10 – 09:07 UTC
Excerpt of an article from Indonesia Antaranews which we would like our readers to read
Mount Merapi is still spewing hot clouds after the eruption on Tuesday.
The volcano was recorded to have spewed hot spots twice on Friday at 06.00 a.m. to 09.00 a.m. local time.
“Hot clouds are still coming out that we declare the Mount Merapi status to `beware`,” the head of Geology Agency, R Syukar said here Friday.
The data from Investigation and Technology Development of Volcanology Board of Yogyakarta(BPPTK) showed the first hot cloud was emitted at 06.10 a.m. at the local time for three minutes, while the second one was at 08.41 a.m. at the local time occurring for nine minutes.
However, the BBPTK failed to confirm the direction of the hot clouds as the Merapi`s peak was covered with mist.
Despite hot clouds, there were also 87 avalanches, 53 multiphase temblors, and 16 volcanic temblors recorded.
BPPTK spotted a motionless fire hot spot at the mount peak that might lead to the formation of new lava dome.

UPDATE 28/10 – 08:44 UTC
Death toll of Mt. Merapi rises to 32.
2 seriously burned people have perished from their wounds.
Most of the deaths were people who did not followed the governments advice to evacuate from their houses.
Identification of the heavily burned bodies was extremely difficult. Thus, the body of supposedly Mbah Maridjan, the spiritual gatekeeper of the volcano, had to be identified by his DNA. 4 rows of hot pyroclastic clouds have devastated the village of Kinahrejo on the slopes of the volcano. All houses have been burned down in this village.

UPDATE 27/10 – 08:39 UTC
Reuters reported a few moments ago that at least 28 people have been killed and 14 injured by erupting Mount Merapi. Many houses have been destroyed and the slopes of the volcano are covered with a thick layer of ash.
Prove of a pyroclastic flow is that some bodies were almost unrecognizable, as they were burned by the superheated gases from the volcano.

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