Indonesia massive M 7.7 Earthquake and Tsunami – latest news (3)

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As our initial “latest news” article was getting too long, and as this event will certainly continue to add more news, we have decided to start another “latest news 3” article. Besides the most important earthquake data, also breaking news will be posted here.

This update page will put breaking news on the Indonesia Mentawai Islands earthquake whenever it becomes available.
The most recent news will be on top of this page. has been continuously publishing breaking news on this Earthquake / Tsunami starting minutes after the earthquake occurred.
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October 29 – 00:15 UTC UPDATE
BMKG counters critics of tsunami warning

Earthquake report, who followed all actions from the very beginning,  supports BMKG in his response to these critics.
People living near the Sea and Oceans should immediately evacuate to higher ground when  they feel the earthquake happening  (like in both Pagai islands).
Read the full article here

October 28 – 23:48 UTC UPDATE
Billions of Indonesian rupiah in emergency funds have been approved and warships have been mobilized in response to the twin disasters Indonesia suffered this week, but rescue workers and victims are reporting distribution difficulties and supply shortages.

October 28 – 16:09 UTC UPDATE
New updated casualty numbers
Death Mentawai islanders : 374
Missing Mentawai islanders : 303
Seriously injured islanders : 264
Slightly injured : 137
The numbers have been reported by local officials

October 28 – 16:09 UTC UPDATE
Tsunami Preparedness on vacation
Whenever you go for a beach holiday in an earthquake country, be always aware of a possible Tsunami risk.
Be alarmed if the following natural signs of an approaching tsunami appear :
1) if you feel an earthquake. (even light shaking, the epicenter can be hundreds of km away)
2) if you see an unusual sea level change: sudden sea water retreat or rise.
3) if you hear a rumbling sound of approaching waves.
4) if you hear tsunami alarm sirens
Then you should IMMEDIATELY evacuate to higher ground.

October 28 – 15:08 UTC UPDATE
Video animation of how a tsunami is triggered
This animated video is a good example of what happened during the October 25 Mentawai earthquake. The island on the image could be seen as North Pagai and South Pagai.
The difference in this case was that the wave had a max. height of 3 meters (10 inch) and that the wave only reached the Pagai islands and not the mainland of Sumatra.
The time lapse was in this case also totally different.  As the epicenter was quiet close to the Pagai islands (about 30 km (20 miles) the wave must have reached the island shores in about 10 minutes.
Click here for the video page

October 28 – 13:34 UTC UPDATE
We urge our readers who want to understand what happened exactly when the earthquake / tsunami struck, to read the report of the Tsunami Research Center from the University of Southern California on the Mentawai islands tsunami.
The go into the technical details of what has happened and might have happened.
They made the report before was known that the tsunami  killed hundreds of people.
Click here to go to the report.

October 28 – 12:58 UTC UPDATE
Video footage from Australian surfers who survived tsunami
The video comes from an Australian TV station and went on the screen about 2 days after the tsunami.
Our only hope for live video recordings from the tsunami is hereby vanished, as these Australians were almost the only people who had modern material in the very remote and primitive Mentawai, North- and South Pagai islands.
Running to save your life is of course more important than anything else.
Click here to go to our Australian Surfers first testimony page

October 28 – 11:14 UTC UPDATE
A ship with urgent aid like food, water, medical supplies as well as body bags arrived Thursday at Sikakap, on North Pagai island, one of the two worst-hit islands in the Mentawai group.
Hundreds of villagers were being treated at a medical clinic, many requiring stitches to open cuts suffered as they were tossed around in the surging sea.

Picture from an article in the JakartaGlobe

October 28 – 11:12 UTC UPDATE
New updated casualty numbers

Death Mentawai islanders : 343
Missing Mentawai islanders : 379
Seriously injured islanders : 261
Slightly injured : 137
The numbers have been reported by local officials

October 28 – 7:32 UTC UPDATE
New updated casualty numbers

Although the exact number of death people is not important anymore, as a specialized reporter of earthquakes, we want to be as complete as possible, that is the main reason why we will continue to publish new updated numbers of victims, injured and missing people.
Death Mentawai islanders : 311
Missing Mentawai islanders : 379
Seriously injured islanders : 261
Slightly injured : 137
The numbers have been reported by local officials

October 27 – 16:38 UTC UPDATE
First VIDEO footage of the Mentawai islands.
This site gives a number of videos on the Tsunami on the Mentawai – Pagai islands
Link to Metronews intermediate comment
The Mentawai – Pagai islands earthquake number of victims will normally be higher than 500, predicts.
The first 24 to 36 hours one could have hoped that people would have fled into the jungle to be safe for other tsunamis, but after 2 days this hope is fading away every hour that passes.
Those counted as missing will probably have been swallowed by the sea or would have been ejected into the jungle.
When an earthquake hits a big city, people can run to all directions and authorities will need many days to determine who is missing and who is showing up.
In this case the situation is completely different. Most of the villages on the Pagai islands are small to very small and people know each other. fears that missing people in this case means more victims. We truly hope that we are totally wrong, but we fear for the worst scenario. has been continuously publishing breaking news on this Earthquake / Tsunami starting minutes after the earthquake occurred. Read the Latest News 1 article by clicking here.

Most important Earthquake Data:
Magnitude : 7.5 later increased to M 7.7
Monday, October 25, 2010 at 09:42:25 PM at epicenter
Depth (Hypocenter) : 33 km
Geo-location(s) :
240 km (149 miles) S (184°) from Padang, Sumatra, Indonesia
Near the shores of the island of Pagai (part of the Mentawai Islands)

Links to important maps
USGS Did You Feel It Map
Google satellite map of the area showing the kind of terrain the earthquake took place
USGS Shaking map
USGS historic earthquakes map
USGS Pager map
GDACS Green Earthquake Alert (Global Disaster Alert and Coordination System)
GDACS Green Tsunami alert
Nearest LIVE seismograph in Papua New Guinea

* GDACS (Global Disaster Alert and Coordination System) provides near real-time alerts about natural disasters around the world. GDACS is a Joint Initiative of the United Nations and the European Commission

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