Indonesia tsunami – Videos of the massive earthquakes of 2007 and 2009 in the same area

Unfortunately we have not yet seen any video footage on the October 25 Mentawai / Pagai tsunami or the damage on the scene.
More than 2 days after the tsunami struck, the available information is very limited.

Although the Mentawai islands were at high risk during recent years, none or very limited precaution measures were present in North and South Pagai.

2 massive earthquakes, a Magnitude 8.5 on September 12 2007 (see detailed report) claiming the lives of 25 people , and a Magnitude 7.5  on September 30, 2009 where 1,117 people were killed, should have been  a warning that more heavy tremors might be possible.

We were able to find 2 good video’s in ‘you tube’ about both events.

The first video is about the 2007 earthquake / Tsunami and gives a view of the living conditions and damage on the Mentawai islands.

The second short video of  Al Jazeera describes the damage in Padang Indonesia after the earthquake on September 30 2009.

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