Indonesia tsunami – 166 people killed by tsunami – urgent additional aid needed

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VIVAnews, a well informed local news source in Indonesia just published new information on the Mentawai / Pagai tsunami.
Although there are conflicting numbers depending on the source, the Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) just reported 166 people confirmed killed by the tsunamis.
Hamlet Munte village had a dead toll of 58 people so far.
Dusun Malakopak claimed 56 lives.
Other villages which have been hard hit by the tsunami were Dusun Silabu, Munte Baru Baru, Malakopak and Betumonga.
70 injured people are currently hospitalized in Sikupap.
Aid teams made a plea for urgent additional help and medicines.
Injured people are currently treated with primitive means in makeshift camps as most of their wooden and bamboo houses are destroyed.
Bodies are net yet buried and have temporarily been covered for further action.
This is the most complete report we could read so far.

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