South Pagai struck by and even bigger earthquake in 2007 – no lessons learned ?

Mentawai jungle house (Indonesia)

In September 2007, South Pagai was struck by and even bigger earthquake !

On September 21, 2007, an 8.4 earthquake struck Sumatra near South Pagai Island, producing a cluster of six small new islands, and enlarging others by uplift.
A large portion of Indonesia is seismically active; the number, size, submergence and emergence and shape of islands continues to evolve. (Source Wikipedia)

Why have the authorities not learned from the 2007 earthquake ?
It astonishes that no wave monitoring equipment was installed since then.
Although the time lapse of the wave striking the islands was only 15 minutes after the earthquake, a fast detection system might have saved the lives of many people. Wave height estimates from calculated models have been proved to underestimate the wave heights.
GDACS ( a great alert system) gave wave heights up to 50 cm.
The Indonesian government called immediately a Tsunami alert, but the big question remains : Do the systems reach also remote travel resorts and small fishing villages.
A lot of questions to be answered in the aftermath of this earthquake and Tsunami.
So far not enough witness reports have been collected to create a good picture of all the realtime facts.

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