Mentawai Islands earthquake – at least 2 people killed and houses destroyed in local Tsunami

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Image by Changhua Coast Conservation Action via Flickr

October 26 – 05:20 UTC UPDATE :
We have been able to get some new information from VIVAnews a local Indonesian newspaper.
Although the story is far from complete, residents on the islands are starting to tell the story.
A local tsunami of 1 to 1.5 meter high has destroyed a uncertain number of houses.
At least 2 people died and 1 is missing on some islands in South Pagai, after the earthquake struck in the Mentawai Islands on Monday.
The first information from the islands was  (not surprisingly) disclosed to Australia’s NINE news by a number of surfers who were on a boat in the vicinity of the islands. Suddenly and shortly after the earthquake struck, a wall of water of nearly 3 meter high was rolling to the coast.
Other information will follow when it becomes available

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