Local press articles on the Gulf of California M 6.9 earthquake

Courtesy Noroeste.com

The 2 Mexican provinces who are closest to the epicenter are the provinces of Sinaloa and Baja Calofornia.
Baja California Sur has a population of 512,170
Sinaloa has a population of 2,608,442
Local newspapers in Sinaloa are mentioning that people ran on the street in panic.
The building of the Ministry of Justice has been evacuated as a precaution.
Based on the reports from the closest area near the epicenter NO major damage or injuries are expected or reported.
As expected by Earthquake-Report.com the earthquake has scared people, but the epicenter was too far away from populated areas to cause widespread damage.

USGS has lowered the Magnitude to M 6.7, originally M 6.9

Please read the full Spanish article in Noroeste.com, el portal de Sinaloa

Please read the full Spanish article in El Sol de Sinaloa

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