Christchurch earthquake : a powerful 5.1 aftershock and more news

Update September 7 – 23:22 UTC (September 8 – 11:22 local time) :
16 hours of relative calm, but the last 8 hours the people of Christchurch have experienced an increasing number of aftershocks.
11 aftershocks of Magnitude 3.0 or more since midnight local time.

Courtesy The Star - click on this picture for a link to the article

The most powerful aftershock measured 5.1  and was very near to the city (10 km North-West of Diamond Harbor). Check our LIVE AFTERSHOCKS PAGE to see this aftershock on the seismograph
Some parts of the city were again without power, alarms started ringing, some traffic lights did not work, etc
The sharp aftershock traumatized the people even more after again a sleepless night.
Emergency services did report more damage to unstable buildings

* People of North Otago will rally in support of the earthquake victims
* Management of the 2 biggest supermarkets in New Zealand with branches in Canterbury, made an appeal to their clients not to stockpile.
* Prime Minister John Key has toured the damaged Canterbury areas who where most hit by the earthquake
* The Press has made an overview page with the latest Canterbury service information
* Durham St Methodist Church, Christchurch’s first stone church has suffered a terrible blow, Methodist leader Mary Caygill says
* State of Emergency prolonged for another 7 days
* Lyttelton tunnel is currently checked for structural damage and maybe open again this afternoon
* The Queen has today asked the New Zealand prime minister to send her good wishes to those affected by and helping with the aftermath of Saturday’s earthquake in Christchurch,” a Buckingham Palace spokesman said overnight.

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Check our LIVE AFTERSHOCKS PAGE for more information.

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