Chilean miners and the potential risk of a heavy earthquake on rescue efforts

As the rescue efforts of the trapped Chilean miners in the Copiapo San Jose mine continue and gradually are more successful, has still no answer on the potential impact of a new heavy earthquake on the ongoing rescue efforts as it can take 3 more months until a rescue shaft can get them out.

Since the Bio Bio devastating earthquake which occurred on February 27, a number of moderate earthquakes have struck the northern part of the country. Most of them were harmless because of depths bigger than 100 km, but some were shallow and had magnitudes greater than 5.0

On August 25, a Magnitude 4.5 quake rattled the direct vicinity of Copiapo. The mine management issued a quick report that everything was OK, and that the rescue efforts would continue as before the quake.
On the same day another shallow earthquake with Magnitude 5.0 struck near Calama, another mining area in Northern Chile.

Youngest Chile trapped miner had the feeling a disaster would accur.

Excerpt of the Buenos Aires News article :

‘He was afraid every time he went down there and he said he had this feeling that something terrible was about to happen. Jimmy was terrified there might be an earthquake and he could get trapped. They warned their bosses, but nobody would listen. Nobody cared for their safety,’ Helen was quoted as saying by The Sun.

So far, we could not trace any mine company reports on the safety measures taken if a new and heavy quake would happen.

If our Chilean readers have more information on this subject, they are welcome to comment on this article (even in Spanish).


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