Chilean miners and the potential risk of a heavy earthquake on rescue efforts

As the rescue efforts of the trapped Chilean miners in the Copiapo San Jose mine continue and gradually are more successful, has still no answer on the potential impact of a new heavy earthquake on the ongoing rescue efforts as it can take 3 more months until a rescue shaft can get them out.

Since the Bio Bio devastating earthquake which occurred on February 27, a number of moderate earthquakes have struck the northern part of the country. Most of them were harmless because of depths bigger than 100 km, but some were shallow and had magnitudes greater than 5.0

On August 25, a Magnitude 4.5 quake rattled the direct vicinity of Copiapo. The mine management issued a quick report that everything was OK, and that the rescue efforts would continue as before the quake.
On the same day another shallow earthquake with Magnitude 5.0 struck near Calama, another mining area in Northern Chile.

Youngest Chile trapped miner had the feeling a disaster would accur.

Excerpt of the Buenos Aires News article :

‘He was afraid every time he went down there and he said he had this feeling that something terrible was about to happen. Jimmy was terrified there might be an earthquake and he could get trapped. They warned their bosses, but nobody would listen. Nobody cared for their safety,’ Helen was quoted as saying by The Sun.

So far, we could not trace any mine company reports on the safety measures taken if a new and heavy quake would happen.

If our Chilean readers have more information on this subject, they are welcome to comment on this article (even in Spanish).

In memory of the victims of September 2, 19XX – Nicaragua and Czech Republic

Pacific Ocean Tsunami in Nicaragua 1992 - courtesy

M 7.6   02-09-1992   Depth 45 km    Nicaragua – killing 184 people
At least 116 people killed, more than 68 missing and over 13,500 left homeless in Nicaragua. At least 1,300 houses and 185 fishing  boats were destroyed along the west coast of Nicaragua.
Total damage in Nicaragua is estimated at between 20 and 30 million U.S. dollars. Some damage was also reported in Costa Rica.

Most of the casualties and damage were caused by a tsunami affecting the west coasts of Nicaragua and Costa Rica, reaching heights of up to 8 meters. The tsunami ran inland 1,000 meters at Masachapa, Nicaragua. Maximum wave heights (in cm. peak-to-trough) at selected tide stations were as follows: 111 at Baltra Island, 83 at Easter Island, 28 at Socorro Island, 18 at La Libertad, Ecuador, 10 at Valparaiso, Chile and 10 at Hilo, Hawaii. Felt in Chinandega and Leon Departments, Nicaragua. Also felt at Crucero, Managua and San Marcos, Nicaragua and at San Jose, Costa Rica.

M 3.8   02-09-1988   Depth 10 km    Czech Republic – killing 3 people
Three miners killed and four injured at Orlova.

“In memory of” is highlighting deadly earthquakes of the past.
People have forgotten a lot of these human tragedies.
We @ Earthquake Report are hopeful that people in these countries and cities will learn from their history and will make sure that they are building Earthquake Proof houses and that they know what to do when the earth will be shaking again.

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Earthquakes list September 2, 2010

M 4.6      2010/09/02 16:12   Depth 28.5 km     NICOBAR ISLANDS, INDIA REGION
Moderate earthquake without danger

M 5.0      2010/09/02 13:28   Depth 55.3 km     NORTH-EASTERN PERU
Moderate earthquake in the wilderness area of north-eastern Peru. Look on the sattelite image to the Rio Huallago, one of the feeding rivers of the Amazon river.

4.6      2010/09/02 08:01   Depth 34.7 km     NIAS REGION, INDONESIA
Moderate seaquake in the subduction zone of the islands in front of Sumatra.

"The Tower of Prayer" at Cape Sōya. ...

Monument for the victims of the Korean Air 007 plane, shooted down as a spy plane by the Russians - Image via Wikipedia

4.8      2010/09/02 07:08   Depth 43.5 km      SAKHALIN, RUSSIA
Moderate earthquake under the Sakhalin island.
Sakhalin belongs to Russia but was also claimed by Japan.
On May 28, 1995, an earthquake measuring 7.5 on the Richter scale occurred, killing 2,000 people in the town of Neftegorsk.

Sakhalin might be known by older people for the shooting down by the Russians of a Korean Air flight 007.Korean Air Flight 007, a South Korean civilian airliner, flew over Sakhalin and was shot down just west of Sakhalin island near the smaller Moneron Island by the Soviet Union on 1 September 1983 who claimed it was a spy plane. All 269 passengers and crew died, including a U.S. Congressman, Larry McDonald.
4.7      2010/09/02 06:57   Depth 120.9 km      VOLCANO ISLANDS, JAPAN REGION
Deep earthquake on a location where in the far future new islands will be born. Especially look at the many beatifully shaped volcano mountains under the water level. Beautiful example of a volcano arc.

M 4.2   2010/09/02 03:53   Depth 2 km         GREECE
Moderate earthquake under a farming area and near Peristerion (population 137,659).

M 4.8      2010/09/02 00:57   Depth 13.2 km     SIMEULUE, INDONESIA

Part of a number of aftershocks around the island of Simeulue, tectonically very active. Epicenter near the shores.

M 5.1      2010/09/02 00:16   Depth 30.1 km ANDAMAN ISLANDS, INDIA REGION
Although the Andaman Islands are used to get earthquake shocks, this one is very close to Anderson Island. We will follow up this earthquake and bring information when it becomes available

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