Focus on an active volcano. Today : Kliuchevskoi (Kamchatka)

Ash Covers Klyuchevskaya Volcano 2010-03-10

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Kliuchevskoi is Kamchatka’s (Russia) highest and most active volcano.
The Kliuchevskoi volcano is reported as being active today.

Since its origin about 6000 years ago, the beautifully symmetrical, 4835-m-high basaltic stratovolcano has produced frequent moderate-volume explosive and effusive eruptions without major periods of inactivity.
Kliuchevskoi rises above a saddle NE of sharp-peaked Kamen volcano and lies SE of the broad Ushkovsky massif.

More than 100 flank eruptions have occurred at Kliuchevskoi during the past roughly 3000 years, with most lateral craters and cones occurring along radial fissures between the unconfined NE-to-SE flanks of the conical volcano between 500 m and 3600 m elevation.

The morphology of its 700-m-wide summit crater has been frequently modified by historical eruptions, which have been recorded since the late-17th century.
Historical eruptions have originated primarily from the summit crater, but have also included numerous major explosive and effusive eruptions from flank craters.

Tectonic origin
The Kamchatka Peninsula is the northern link in the 2000 km Kuril-Kamchatka island arc. This region contains 68 active volcanoes, over 10 percent of the total found on land anywhere on Earth. This arc is part of the “Ring of Fire,” a string of volcanoes that encircles the Pacific Ocean.
Kliuchevskoi volcano is the product of the subduction of the Pacific plate under the Okhotsk plate.

Volcano data :
Summit : 4,835 meter
Type : Stratovolcano
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In Focus on an active volcano, today : … will put the spotlight on volcanoes who are sometimes not known to the broad public, but are jewels on the crown of our planet.
Some of them are active for hundred’s of years without sleeping, but are not well known because they are located in unpopulated area’s. Enjoy the details and the beauty of these beautiful mountains of fire !

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