670,000 Japanese commemorate the devastating “Great Kanto quake” with a simulated M 8.7 earthquake drill

Earthquake (Drill) in Japan

Image by Steve Nagata via Flickr

The Japanese government organized an emergency earthquake drill in several parts of the country on September 1, marking the nation’s “Disaster Prevention Day.”

This year’s scenario was a 8.7- magnitude earthquake which struck out of the coast of western Wakayama Prefecture and simultaneously triggered two similarly powerful quakes along the coast.

The government had an emergency meeting at the office of the prime minister, who called upon the public to act in calm.

Prime Minister Naoto Kan went to a drill in Ito (Shizuoka Prefecture) where he helped carry sandbags.

Hundreds of local people gathered in the hot spring resort city to learn skills as how to put out fires, set up temporary toilets, and help the injured on the assumption that the city was hit by a huge tsunami.
People were able to experience the earthquake in a specially build vehicle.

Drills were also organized in many other towns including Tokyo.
A total of 670,000 people joined in the quake relief drills.

Japan execises earthquake simulations around the country to commemorate the 7.9-magnitude Great Kanto Earthquake on Sept. 1, 1923.
The disaster killed an estimated 143,000 people in Tokyo and other areas.

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