In memory of the victims of August 25, 19XX – China and Argentina – 9306 fatalities

Diexi lake formed during the earthquake of 1933 causing 9300 fatalities - Courtesy China's tourist attractions

M 7.4  25-08-33   Depth 25 km China, Diexi earthquake – killing 9300 people

The 1933 Diexi earthquake occurred in Diexi, Mao County, Sichuan, Republic of China on August 25, 1933.
This earthquake destroyed Diexi, a county situated by the side of Ming River, the longest branch of Yangtze River and caused many landslides. The earthquake killed about 9,300 people.
The old town of Diexi sank into the landslide dam-created Diexi Lake.

M 7.0  25-08-48   Depth 50 km    25-08    Argentina – killing 5 people

The 1948 Salta earthquake was a major seismic movement that took place in the province of Salta, Argentina on 25 August 1948, at 06:09 AM.
Its epicenter was located on the east of the province. The hypocenter was at a depth of 50 km. It was felt with grade VIII in the Modified Mercalli scale.
The earthquake caused property damage and casualties in several towns in the east and southeast of Salta and also in Jujuy, affecting the capitals of both.

M 5.0  25-08-06   Depth 21 km    25-08    China – killing 1 person

At least one person killed, 31 injured, buildings destroyed and landslides damaged roads in the Doushaguan-Yanjin area. Felt as far north as Chengdu.

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