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Dear readers,

We suppose that you are living in an earthquake sensitive area, will visit it in the near future, have family and/or friends living there or that you are simply interested in the phenomenon “earthquakes”.

You can follow us on twitter via @QuakeSOS

What do we offer via this twitter link ? :
* The titles of, and links to the in-depth articles of
As you know, we do not just give you a standard quote of an earthquake which you will find in 1,000 websites exactly the same.
@ we will give you on top of the scientific data, as quick as possible (do not forget that we are volunteers, not a governmental organization) additional facts like : how many people are affected, can the earthquake be potentially damaging, testimonies from people living in the area, links to the Value Added sites and on-line LOCAL Newspapers.
Where possible and if relevant, we will also include the seismograms who are often more scaring than the earthquake itself.

* Automatic alerts of all important earthquakes WORLDWIDE (mostly if they are greater than Magnitude 4) and additionally all USA quakes greater than M 2.5. These automatic alerts are triggered by the United States Geographical Survey (USGS).


You can follow us also on twitter via @ShakingEarth
ShakingEarth has almost the same content than @QuakeSOS, but the automatic alerts are powered by the European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre. Here we will follow all worldwide earthquakes greater than Magnitude 4.0

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