In memory of the victims of August 10, 19XX – China, Iran and Solomon Islands

“In memory of” will highlight deadly earthquakes of the past.
People have forgotten a lot of these human tragedies.
We @ Earthquake Report are hopeful that people in these countries and cities will learn from their history and will make sure that they are building Earthquake Proof houses and that they know what to do when the earth will be shaking again.

M 7.9  10-08-1931 – Depth 35 km – China    – approx. 10,000 people killed
The 1931 Fuyun earthquake occurred on August 10, 1931 at 21:18 UTC. The epicenter was near Fuyun County of northern Xinjiang, China. It was a Mw 8.0 earthquake and had a surface rupture of 171 km with a maximal horizontal displacement of 14 m along the Koktokay-Ertai fault zone. The Koktokay-Ertai fault has a slip rate of 4±2 mm per year. The rupture of this earthquake was caused by right-lateral strike-slip movement with normal component. The rupture is well preserved and becomes one of the main features of the Koktokay National Geopark located in Koktokay. This earthquake took more than 10,000 lives.

M 7.5  10-08-1988 – Depth 34 km – Solomon Islands – 1 person killed
Two events about 10 seconds apart.  One person killed and about 100 homes washed away in 13 villages along the southwestern coast of San Cristobal where a tsunami flooded 50-100 meters inland. Felt widely on Guadalcanal, San Cristobal, Malaita and neighboring Islands.  Seventeen cm tsunami (peak to trough) recorded at Honiara, Guadalcanal.

M 4.5  10-08-1999 – Depth 20 km – Iran – 1 person killed
One person killed, one person injured and several houses damaged at Momenabad.

M 5.3  10-08-2004 – Depth 13 km – China – 4 people killed
At least 4 people killed, nearly 200 seriously injured, 400 slightly injured, more than 120,000 homeless, 18,556 houses destroyed and 65,601 damaged in Ludian County, Yunnan. Twenty-two reservoirs damaged in Yunnan Province.

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