In memory of the victims of August 9, 19XX – Turkey, Guatemala and Peru

“In memory of” will highlight deadly earthquakes of the past.
People have forgotten a lot of these human tragedies.
We @ Earthquake Report are hopeful that people in these countries and cities will learn from their history and will make sure that they are building Earthquake Proof houses and that they know what to do when the earth will be shaking again.

M 7.6  09-08-1912 – Turkey –  killing 2,836 people
This earthquake destroyed more than 300 villages and towns, killing over 2,000 people just north of the Dardanelles.
The earthquake, which had a magnitude of M = 7.6, was associated with an oblique, 50 km long fault-break, and with the liquefaction of river deposits at large epicentral distances.
Landslides and fire added to the damage.

M 6.5  09-08-1980 Depth 17 km – Guatemala – killing 2 people
Two people killed, many injured and damage in Izabal Province, Guatemala.
Damage reported in northern Honduras.

M 5.8  09-08-2001  Depth 10 km – Peru – killing 4 people
Four people killed, fifteen seriously injured and seventy percent of the houses destroyed in the Antabamba area.
Felt in the Abancay area.

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