Helping Chile By Sending Canopies For Earthquake.

The CARE organization has sent canopies, tents and tarps to the earthquake victims of Chile months later.

It has been months after the earthquake in Chile but canopies and tents are still in need. The CARE organization continues their efforts by sending the much needed canopies to the victims of the earthquake in Chile, life for the survivors would have been truly unbearable. That 8.8 magnitude earthquake flattened Chile on February 27th this year. Worse was to follow what with a 2 to 3 meter high tsunami also striking the coastal regions of that unfortunate country. The devastation was very severe as well as leaving people with out shelter thus needing quick shelter like canopies.

Although CARE does not have a significant presence in Chile, it did do its best to support the relief efforts of its local partners, Fundacion Alemana para el Desarrollo. CARE distributed much needed canopies, food, hygiene related items and tarps that helped at least two hundred families.

Villages in Chile, including one known as Sauzal which is located close to the city called Cauquenes were badly hit and cries of help in that village could be heard everywhere. According to deputy emergency coordinator of CARE, Axel Rottlander, the relief effort conducted by CARE was buttressed by support from the locals who helped in distributing various items and canopy tents.

The girls helped to distribute items while the guys lent their shoulders by cleaning up. The motivation of these locals was truly touching and is a story in itself. CARE provided sufficient numbers of canopies and tarps to help ensure that the victims of the earthquake could survive the difficult monsoons that generally strike that part of the world in April.

The canopies that have reached the victims of the Chile earthquake were important and have helped in protecting many families. CARE is doing its bit and is engaged in furthering the relief effort by also getting itself involved in the reconstruction of that country. With the canopies that they have provided and with more to come, the unfortunate victims in Chile have sampled some relief.

Hopefully, CARE can also take care of these people when the reconstruction of Chile begins once more.

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