Papua New Guinea – M 7.0 – Update (local press)

Update 12:02 UTC August 6 : The National, a local Papua New Guinea newspaper has written a small report on this earthquake. As written here before, the local people and the administration do the best they can, but with only limited resources, little is really little here.

KIMBE was again shaken yesterday as an earthquake measuring 7.0 struck the West New Britain township.
There no reports of casualties and damages to properties.
The earthquake occurred at the same spot of the 7.3 quake two weeks ago that caused injuries and damage to property.
The West New Britain disaster office could not give any reports as the disaster director was out of the province.
Read the Full report of Elisabeth Vuvu from The National

Update 12:41 UTC August 5 : This report of Radio New Zealand International, a few hours old, proves our point.
The Acting Director for PNG’s National Disaster Centre, Martin Mose, says a team assessing the area for damage is expected to report back in a few days. (Please read in full).
ER : We accept the fact that wilderness can be very difficult to access, but it is hard to believe that in the 21st century, one cannot fly over the epicenter area by plane or helicopter to check whether there is damage or not.

What we wrote before :

The local on-line  press in Port Moresby (capital of Papua New Guinea) has not reported until now that an earthquake had taken place !

As mentioned earlier on in Earthquake Report, it can take up to several days before a reliable report can be found.

We at ‘Earthquake Report’ are pledging that the International community (United Nations ?) would help governments of poor countries to strengthen  communications and aid.
Citizens of Papua New Guinea should be entitled to the same support than other earthquake victims in the world.

Original Papua New Guinea report of the M 7.0 from August 4 can be read here.

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