Personal safety shelter to be used in Catastrophes

As a consequence of earthquakes and other catastrophes experienced all over the world, many friends, colleagues and loved ones have been lost.

But SOME managed to SURVIVE.  Why?

Research into these survivor situations has provided insight into the conditions which enabled them to prevail; in some cases against unbelievable odds. Simply they survived because they happened to make their way into safety zones accidentally. They were actually unaware either of the hazard they faced, or of the consequences of their decision to move in the direction and to the location they found themselves. They were lucky.

If these persons could be certain of, and directed to a Safe Haven, then there would be much higher probability of significant numbers of survivors.

By merely securing themselves inside the shelter, in protected space, persons in danger have merely so activate the identifying beacon, and await the end of the dangerous event or in worst case, the rescue teams. Strong though compact, the engineering characteristics of these havens enable them to withstand upwards of 100 to 120 tons of downward pressure, roughly the equivalent of ten floors of structure.

This personal safety device is constructed by the Lamit Company

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