Iran earthquakes from July 30 and 31 – Why is Iran covering up the damage ?

On July 30 a Magnitude 5.6 earthquake struck at the Northeastern part of the country.
On July 31 a Magnitude 5.3 earthquake struck at the Southern part of the country.

Both quakes have resulted in considerable damage and as a certainty wounded almost 300 people.

The state reporting on both quakes is unacceptable.
Some state controlled messages talk about 20 to 70% devastation in nearby villages + injured people taken out of the rubble.
The images we see are just wall cracks.
Why does Iran is covering up the real situation on both quakes ?

We assume that it won’t let the outside world look into their internal affairs.
We pledge that earthquake victims are kept out of politics !

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State TV images from the earthquake in Northeastern Iran (Reuters TV)

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