Iran – M 5.6 (July 30) – Iran media giving only drops of information on the earthquake

The latest bulletins (Iranian radio) are mentioning 170 injured people

Iran media giving only drops of information on the earthquake.
12 hours ago the Governor of the area struck by the earthquake, was talking about 110 people injured and a lot of damaged houses, eventually people laying under the debris.
The latest information (only on the State Radio) is talking about 170 injured people from which 22 where hospitalized.
No word anymore about damage, homeless people, etc.
‘QuakeSOS’  believes that the information from the quake area has to pass the strict censorship rules of the Islamic Government.
We urge the Iranian government to disclose ALL information they have asap and to call for assistance to the international community if needed.
Earthquakes are hopefully not a political issue.

This article is written because 15 hours after the earthquake struck just next to the city of Torbat-e Heydariyeh (pop estimated at 128000)

Reuters Alertnet report

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